05 11 / 2011

from the heart journal // 

God is doing wonderful things in the work of INF, but even more particularly on my heart. He has placed two INF staff on this documentary trip doing the producing / directing / translating / logistics / finances / etc who are crazy awesome vessels for God’s grace, patience, and love — I am so enthralled and blessed to be around these men who LOVE Jesus and are so passionate about doing work for the Father. They make each day unique and fun, they assist and are so giving of their help in making my job so much easier as a cinematographer and storyteller. I am impressed and humbled and constantly being challenged in my own areas of patience, humility, and selflessness. 

I have been so blessed with increased time to just be. I have had time to listen. I have had time to speak. All this time has been wonderfully spent with my Father. I am more and more aware of my need for more of Jesus and a daily complete and powerful filling of the Holy Spirit, whether I think feel or know I need it each day.. It is so evident that spending more and more time in the Word and prayer is so necessary even when it’s not convenient or desirable at the time.

I had been searching through footage today after our small shoot in the government hospital here in Jumla, feeling just kind of empty about the day, and I was like — the morning started so fast that just a few verses and short prayers seemed to only get me a few hours in, and immediately went back to the Word and spent time with my Father — instantly filled up and stoked to be His child and doing work for Him, no matter the circumstances. 

If there’s one thing I can encourage you with — no matter how much time I spend reading or praying, I can always spend more, and it is always MORE than worth my investment. God’s presence “is so thick and tangible — God wants you to feel His amazing love - the love of God changes us - we’re never the same after we have encountered the love of God”[kim walker]

i love doing what i do. i love making films. it is my calling, and i love that its so intertwined and mixed up with missions, it’s the best kind of worship to the Lord that just speaks of a creative Creator who has orchestrated it all and painted a beautiful picture for us to capture sight of. 


Thank you for giving me this opportunity to spread your gospel and incorporate my love for film, I am blessed, you are so gracious. Amen.

namaste. jemise

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