05 11 / 2011

from the travel journal // 

If you have been following this blog, even mildly, you might know that I am in Nepal traveling around doing some documentary filming for an organization called INF (www.inf.org/nepal-documentary). Since Tuesday the 1st of November, we have been in a small remote district called Jumla. it’s made up of a number of smaller villages around the area, from a few hours walk to days of walking away. 

we had two stories to shoot out here:

the first: a woman who had lost 14 of her children and wanted a good life for her last daughter left after her husband died while out gathering wood and fell off of a cliff. INF basically gave her a Bison to raise money for her daughter to goto nursing school.

the second: a woman who had lost her son who had a 3 month old, and then the baby was placed in her arms to care for and he quickly became malnourished because she couldn’t breastfeed him, and INF stepped in to support the baby and the boy is now 3 years old, raring and kicking. 

it’s been really amazing being out here, in the rural-ness of it all. for three days we were in a few villages without power / running water, and for the past week we’ve been eating the traditional Dal Bat (rice, curried lentils, spinach) with a little chicken, bison yogurt and milk, and goat legs here and there.

we do sleep on wooden beds, the mattresses are a thick blanket with little cushion (in fact I’m sore just from sitting on it typing these updates) — i am excited for a comfortable bed back in Nepalgunj tomorrow night before we drive to Pokhara, Nepal. 

YES, this is GREAT. 

ps. it’s 32 degrees here. and Im about to jump in my sleeping bag and pass out. night!