31 10 / 2011

on monday, we were able to shoot in the main INF hospital which has a TB treatment ward, a Drug Abuse Rehab Center, HIV/AIDS clinic, and a few other sections. it was phenomenal being able to shoot the INF staff walking in and praying for the patients, and seeing such joy in patient/staff interactions — God is very present in this hospital. 

we shot also at Bheri Zonal Hospital — which is the main Govt. hospital, where we shot with a girl who had been mauled by a bear, a man who had bed sores from a broken back and not being able to move in bed, so his flesh had rotted out right under him, and a few other patients dealing with various illnesses. 

had the chance to shoot down at the Nepal / India border, and actually got to shoot from the India side of Nepali’s coming into India, and vise versa. First time in India - WOOT WOOT! - I was pretty stoked. 

my time lapses were setup from the top of our jeep, and for the two shot yesterday, i used the Canon 24mm f/3.5 Tilt Shift (IVAN CHEN YOU ARE AWESOME, THANK YOU SO MUCH) and of course I had to plank the truck before leaving, getting a few Nepalis to shake their heads and say stupid bideshi (foreigner) lol!

the past two nights we have stayed in a travelers hotel, and today we are off to a very remote part of the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. It’s a small remote city made up of small towns and villages. 

we will be shooting a few stories for the INF (inf.org) fundraising campaign, and i am most excited to shoot the one about a person who will be getting prosthetic legs for the first time.

be blessed.